Leftover Cake Truffles

Leftover Cake Truffle

Last week I made an A+ Cake for my husband. Anytime I make a layered cake, I am always left with a cake scraps, even after a good tasting. 😉 So what can you do with those leftovers other than just completely indulging or throwing it out?

The Answer: Cake Truffles

I took those cake tops, crumbled them in a bowl and added some leftover frosting until it made a dough like texture that was easy to roll into balls. I didn’t have time to finish them that day, because I was focused on my A+ Cake, so I put them in a tupperware with layers of parchment paper and stuck them in the fridge.

This week, when I had some time I took out the cake balls and dipped them into some melted almond bark. I happened to have these pretty gold sprinkles that I had gotten at an Amish market in Pennsylvania! Aren’t they pretty?

So voila! Leftover scraps turned into delicious heavenly sweet bites!

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