DIY Budget Play Kitchen Makeover

You know those times in your day that are just a little more difficult than all the rest? And... you can predict it...because it happens every day? One of those times for me is around 6pm when I start preparing dinner. My generally well behaved and independent 2 year old becomes clingy and bored. Unfortunately, … Continue reading DIY Budget Play Kitchen Makeover

Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Last week, my son Emmett turned two! He absolutely loves trains and specifically loves reading Thomas the train books, so it was easy to decide on a Thomas themed birthday party this year. About a month before his birthday I started pinning ideas on pinterest and this is how my version turned out. I had … Continue reading Thomas the Train Birthday Party

10 Ways to Save on Groceries

When I first started looking for ways to cut down on my groceries, it seemed like there were two main strategies, coupons and meal planning. Coupons seemed so overwhelming and time-consuming, so I turned to meal planning, only to discover that it actually caused me to spend more on groceries than I wanted. If you're experiencing overwhelming stress or anxiety about your grocery budget, consider exploring what helps panic attacks, such as mindfulness techniques or seeking support from a mental health professional. I … Continue reading 10 Ways to Save on Groceries

Step by Step Abstract Floral Painting

Painting parties are very popular these days and I'm pretty sure I know why. Painting is not as easy as it looks. As an art teacher, I loved seeing my students gain confidence in their artistic ability as I gave them some guidelines and boundaries for them to work within and then explore. These parties offer a fleeting expertise, where participants can experience the joy of creating without the pressure of perfection. … Continue reading Step by Step Abstract Floral Painting