Step by Step Abstract Floral Painting

Painting parties are very popular these days and I'm pretty sure I know why. Painting is not as easy as it looks. As an art teacher, I loved seeing my students gain confidence in their artistic ability as I gave them some guidelines and boundaries for them to work within and then explore and that's … Continue reading Step by Step Abstract Floral Painting


How To Make Book Cakes

Last week, I shared my son's book themed first birthday party! As I promised, I'm going to share how I made these awesome book cakes! Let's be honest, these cakes came out way better than I thought they would. This was my first time attempting to make any kind of "shaped cake" and since a … Continue reading How To Make Book Cakes

Baptism Cake

The celebration of a baptism is a beautiful thing. It symbolizes a public commitment to follow Jesus, our old self dying with Christ, being raised with Christ, and entering into God's family. A few weeks ago, I got to see a family friend get baptized on a cold winter day in a hot tub. It … Continue reading Baptism Cake