A+ Cake

My husband is going back to school and this week he finished his first class! It’s a pretty big deal, he is working full time, we just had a baby in April, and with all of that he got an A+. So I wanted to make him a little treat to celebrate his success!


I had a box cake mix and a can of frosting, so I used them and decided to make a homemade buttercream for the outside.

I baked the cakes in 6 inch rounds, let them cool completely, and then cut off the domed part using a bread knife. This helps make your layers nice and even. I like to put the cut side down, so it is easier to frost.

I used the can frosting for the middle of the cake.

After mixing up the simple buttercream. I did one thin layer of frosting all over (a crumb coat) and then frosted the whole thing again.

To make the design on top, I just used food coloring to color the buttercream, and plastic sandwich bags with a cut at the corner to make a piping bag. Not so fancy, but works like a charm every time!

This cake would be great to celebrate going back to school, a report card, or finishing a really big project!

How do you celebrate success in your home?

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