DIY: How to Fix Broken Makeup

Last month, I returned home from traveling for the holidays and when I opened up my makeup bag….I found this…

My favorite blush/ bronzer was shattered. I tried to just live with it for a while, but makeup would get everywhere whenever I opened it. I almost dumped out the half that was broken, but I really liked the color. I wondered if there was a way to save the makeup instead of throwing it away or buying a new one, which would cost about $26.

So… I’m sharing my fix with you! It actually worked great and hasn’t broken since!

What you need: Your broken makeup, rubbing alcohol, a small bowl, spoon, and a paper towel.

Do your best to scoop all of the broken makeup bits into a small bowl. Only half of my blush was broken, so I only scooped out that half. The part that was broken was actually a mixture of different tones, but I usually blended them when I wore them anyway, so I just put it all together.

Next, add a little bit of rubbing alcohol. You are looking to create the consistency of a creamy paste, so better to be conservative and just add a little at a time.

Mix it until it is smooth.

Once you have a smooth and creamy mixture, scoop it back into the makeup container.

It looks like a gloopy mess, but don’t worry! 😉

Take your spoon and try to spread the makeup mixture around so that it fills the container, or in my case, the section of the container that was empty.

The last step is to take a dry paper towel and press the makeup mixture down. This compacts it all together nicely and also gives it a little bit of texture, like your makeup usually comes when you buy it.

And here it is when it is done! Wasn’t that easy? Now just let your makeup air dry and it will be ready for you to use!

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