DIY Fishing Valentine

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For the last five years, I’ve always made my husband a Valentine card. During those five years, I was an art teacher, so I usually had fun and creative supplies around to make something interesting. 😉

This year, I really didn’t know what I was going to do for a card, (maybe draw something on some computer paper?)…..until I walked into the Dollar Tree this week!

Whenever I go to the Dollar Tree, I can’t just go in for one thing, because I never know what I’m going to find. It’s a total trap, and I fall for it every time. Thank goodness nothing costs over a dollar!

This week I stumbled upon a little hardware storage case that was about the size of a greeting card. I felt inspired right away!

My husband is a hobby fisherman. He only fishes a handful of times a year, but he really enjoys it! I totally understand why, catching a fish is so rewarding, and addicting.

So why not make a little fishing inspired Valentine? I love how it turned out and hopefully he will too!

Like I said, I found this hardware case at The Dollar Tree! I already had some twine and ribbon. I bought the candies at IKEA’s little self-serve candy area. I borrowed the bobbers from my husband’s tackle box. 😉 I then looked up some fish themed Valentine quotes and combined them to form “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m so glad you’re hooked on me!” I searched google for an image of fishing hooks forming a heart and printed out a little tag for my box.

IKEA didn’t have gummy worms, which would have been really cute to put in the box, so my goal was to get a variety of colors and shapes that would help give the feeling of fish bait.

After filling the box, I wrapped twine and a ribbon around it. I think the twine gave it a rustic feel, but the ribbon made it still look like a Valentine. 🙂

Then I attached the bobbers and tag I made. To hook the bobbers on, you just press down the plastic surrounding the hook.

After I attached the first tag I made, I actually went back on the computer and reformatted the text so that the tag would be a bit shorter.

The entire project cost me $3 which is the same or less than I would have spent on a fancy card! And…..this card has CANDY inside!

What are your plans for your Valentine this year?

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