Soy Lime Garlic Chicken with Mushrooms

Do you want a cheap, easy dinner that tastes AMAZING? Chicken and rice dinners are pretty much a staple in my house because, well, they are so cheap. This is one of those I JUST WANT MORE of recipes. And the mushrooms totally steal the spotlight (according to my husband)!

What I love about this recipe, is that I almost always have the ingredients on hand!

You can make this without the mushrooms too, and you can even just wing the measurements of the sauce too, there is just no really way to go wrong.

I love using my cast iron for this dish and crisping up that chicken skin before it goes into the oven. The inside of the chicken is so juicy, and the drippings mixed with the marinade creates for a delicious sauce to pour over your rice! This recipe also works well with chicken thighs and legs.

Soy Lime Garlic Chicken with Mushrooms

1 lb of sliced mushrooms

4 garlic cloves 

⅓ cup soy sauce 

2 tbs honey 

1 Lime (squeezed) 

3 ¼ lbs of chicken quarters (thighs, or legs work too)

Coconut oil

Garlic salt


3-4 Servings

Prep time 10 minutes

Cook time 1 hr 10 minutes


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Heat your skillet ( I love my cast iron one!) on medium/ high and melt a dollop of coconut oil.

Season your chicken generously with garlic salt and place in the pan skin side down for about 5-7 minutes until nice and golden!

While the skin is crisping up, I put together the sauce.

Chop up the garlic, add the soy sauce, honey, and lime juice and whisk together with a fork.

After you flip the chicken, dump the mushrooms over top and then pour the sauce all over.

Place in the oven and cook for 1 hour. About 30 minutes into the cooking I like to baste some of the sauce over the chicken and mushrooms.

You can garnish with sliced lime, or even some cilantro!

Serve over rice and try pairing it with my Tangy Asian Slaw!


I’d love to know what you and your family thought of this recipe! Please comment below!

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