Dripped Paint Wedding

A little over five years ago, I was planning the biggest event of my life, my wedding. Being an artist, I naturally wanted our wedding to be unique, personal, but also fun. I wanted it to be US. We got married in a beautiful and traditional church and had our reception at Boulevard Brewery.

I had this crazy idea, to create our centerpieces out of spray painted junk with paint dripped all over them. My fiance’ (Sean) had no idea what he was in for, and my Mom thought it sounded weird, but somehow they all went along.

Sean and I spent the spring going to garage sales. I knew exactly what I was looking for. Simple shapes for stacking (ie. tins, boxes, etc.), cups and mugs to have flowers in, and quirky, fun, random items! Color didn’t matter because they would all be spray painted grey.

I then went to Sherwin williams and grabbed a boat load of paint chips. I probably spent weeks narrowing the color scheme down to five colors that were a mix of pastel and bright.

After we collected items, I spray painted them all grey. Our wedding photographers thought it would be a great idea to actually document us painting our “junk” as our engagement photo session! So here they are!

All photos were taken by M&E Photo Studio.

Before the wedding, I divided up all of the stuff into piles, made mock centerpiece arrangements, and put each grouping in a rubbermaid box with a photo of my arrangement on them. This made it really easy for set up.

I gave all of the dipped mugs and cups to the florist for little arrangements, and they were to be mixed in with the centerpieces.

Here are some photos from our wedding! We even had a paint drip look to our cake!

Oh and….our guests took all of our stuff home as wedding favors! So no clean up! 🙂

What do you all think? Comment below! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dripped Paint Wedding

  1. Steph says:

    Just found you on Pinterest for your step by step flower paintings. Ohhhh my gosh, I love your centerpiece idea for your wedding! This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen, and seriously, it’s your wedding. That is the exact time do something that means something to you. So cool!!


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