Before & After Kitchen Makeover


When we first looked at this house, you could tell that the previous owners had put care into making it look the way they liked. Even though the kitchen had recently been remodeled, it wasn’t my style and definitely didn’t flow with the rest of the house.

Up until a couple of months ago, the kitchen was the only room in my house that I hadn’t touched. There were just so many things I wanted to do and I felt like there was no way I could have my “dream” kitchen now, so why even put the effort in?

Earlier this year I realized…..instead of thinking “dream” kitchen, what if I try to do the best I could with what I have to work with. My AMAZING parents came in town to help me paint and watch my son!

Here is the before:


This was my plan.

  • Take down dark back splash.
  • Take down cabinet that was blocking light coming from nearby windows.
  • Paint cabinets and walls.
  • Change up the hardware.
  • Add new shelves along the large empty wall.

Here are some side by side before & after pictures!

I’m so happy with the way this space turned out. It feels so much brighter and bigger. The kitchen finally fits with the rest of my house too!


The paint I used for the cabinets was Benjamin Moore, but I actually had them make a color from Joanna Gaines Magnolia line called Spontaneous.  The walls are Magnolia’s Silo’s White, and the trim is True White.  kitchen-after-2-12

I knew I wanted white walls from the start, but I didn’t want white cabinets. I wanted my cabinets to be fun and classic. I think this green works quite nicely. The color looks much more blueish than I had envisioned, probably because of the semi-gloss finish on the paint and the lighting in the room.


This hardware was crazy inexpensive and was just the style I was going for. I got them here on amazon!


The living plant wall is one of my favorite parts of this space! One of my dearest friends gave me the idea and there is a DIY post coming soon on what I did!


These beautiful cedar shelves were actually given to us by our neighbor and there is a really sweet story connected to them. All of the things on the shelves I already had in my kitchen and home, so no extra expense there. I love displaying the beautiful kitchen ware I own.


I just love the stories behind each of these pieces. The large bowl was a gift from my Mom that she found while estate sale-ing and the blue-green pitcher was a wedding gift!


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