Hi! I’m Christina and I am so glad you decided to stop by The Cheerful Space!

cheer·ful  adjective causing happiness by its nature or appearance.

I live in Kansas City with my husband, baby boy, dog, and four chickens. 
I love all things creative, which includes but is not limited to;
decorating, cooking, baking, crafting, and painting. 

Why The Cheerful Space?
I love creating cheerful, unique, and inviting spaces, whether it be in my home,  hosting an event, or in making a meal. This blog is a reflection of those spaces.

I am a wife and mom.
I am married to the most wonderful husband. We have been married 5 years now and I am continually blessed by who he is. We had the cutest little boy in April of 2016. We love being parents, especially to him!

I have a passion for decorating.
Okay, this might sound weird, but when I was in my teens, I totally used to hide pottery barn magazines under my bed and fantasize about what my future house would look like. My favorite show was Trading Spaces and for my 14th birthday I asked if I could re-decorate my bedroom.

I love to bake and I’m learning to cook.
I think I got my love of baking and cooking from my Mom. She has a few different recipes that are highly requested; her chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cake, and fried chicken with gravy. I learned to bake first and am slowly accumulating my repertoire of home cooked meals.

I used to be an Art Teacher.
Before I started this little blog, I was an art teacher in the inner city for 5 years. I loved it and hope to maybe get back to teaching someday. I left my job when I had my little one in April of 2016.

I am a visual artist but a closet musician at heart.
I guess I have always been into art. I’ve liked to draw ever since I was a little girl, went to magnet art schools in middle and high school, and even went to an art college, but if I could have gone a different path, I think I’d play an instrument and be in a band (this is so far from reality, but a girl could dream *sigh*). I love listening to music. If you could listen in on my day, you’d probably hear a mix of 80’s love ballads and alternative bluegrass.

I am a cat person who has a dog.
I’ve always been a cat person, I think it was passed down to me from my grandmother. My husband hates cats. For the first year of our marriage I kept thinking he was going to surprise me with a cat as a gift. He eventually did surprise me… with a puppy. I am a dog person now. 🙂

I am a Floridian living in the Midwest.
There are quite a few of us out here in the Midwest, and we tend to stick together. Growing up in Florida does something to your DNA and causes you to instantly bond with other now land locked Floridians. If you’re a fellow Floridian who needs a friend, let me know!